It is a bestseller in our collection. You can pack all you need inside it to spend either a week or a month on holiday. It is very capacious and functional, with an internal pocket to safely hold your computer in a case. The backpack is also equipped with strips, so you can unfasten the skateboard, jacket, sleeping bag or even the snowboard! The backpack meets the standards of travelling on board of the low-cost airlines


Best Breeze Board


Easy riding lighter winds even for heavy riders. Double concave shape with railsteps for more lift, less drag and earlier planing. 3D torsion shock absorber in finite element technology. Double Edge Rail for more grip and better upwind performance in every edging angle.

Best RP Bar - 57cm


Sub 10 kg release pressure at any load with one hand, push-to-release activation for maximum safety. The original low friction bar insert system helps to eliminate center line wear. and one handed emergency safety for when you need to detach from your kite.



The lightest kite ever made, the all new 3rd generation Flite now comes in a wider array of sizes. While the 17 & 14.5 remain two of the worlds best high performance light wind kites the smaller 12 and 10 introduce a whole new class of X-Over Freeride experience to the Ocean Rodeo lineup.

Nobile NHP
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NHP (Nobile High Performance) has been a Nobile bestseller for more than ten years and is one of the most popular boards on the planet. For the 2016 collection we present another updated version of this model. The new shape confirms the NHPs domination among riders who value top performance. Explosive, perfectly precise and comfortable, this board gives satisfaction in all conditions, regardless of your style.

2014 Best GP 11m Complete!


Clearing out the shop for our 2017 season. Everything must go, please call for additional discounts! Used Bars, Pumps, Harnesses also available for a complete kite package.

This kite is guaranteed in excellent condition with no tears, leaks, or damage. (Actual kite displayed in images)

This kite comes with 5 line Best GP Bar. 

List Price: $1,998.00
Best Depower Replacement Line


Our Best Depower Replacement line will work on any Depowerable Best kite, from 2007 on. The Best Depower Replacement line has a stitched in loop, and is a quick and easy fix for that old worn out depower line. This allows for a maximum amount of depower out of your bar when your old line gets a little sketchy, and is an easy replacement.

Screw Cap Valve Small
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Details Self-Stick-Valves will stick on all bladders.  Simply peel and stick to make a fast and easy repair, or stick it on any new bladder.  Specially formulated adhesive is incredibly durable and will stick on any bladder material or color.   Everything needed to make a fast and permanent repair is included in package.   Alcohol wipe, and detailed instructions printed on package.

Fix My Kite Naish Octopus Valve Set


This NAISH valve is the Original Factory Valve that is on your Naish's INTERNAL OCTOPUS system, or the Best INTERNAL E-Z Pump system kites, but made into a Replacement valve by  Made with TearAid for superior use with ANY bladder.   


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