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Naish Monarch Board

The Monarch targets riders looking for cutting-edge design with energized freestyle performance. It delivers very direct power for upwind drive and explosive freestyle pop on-demand. Gradually tapering rails produce outstanding grip, powerful flex and directional stability. Lightweight, double-layer basalt fiber yields incredible strength-to-weight ratio.

Nobile Mr Big
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Nobile would like to introduce a new machine in our kite range. It is called Mr. Big. When others are building sand castles, you will be ripping on the water! This kite has a huge surface with a flat shape generating real power. A six-strut construction ensures stability and keeps the kite in profile in the air. Assume Upwind capabilities give you the feeling of being stuck at the windows edge which is highly-valued when you join the race. The maneuvrability of this kite is a pleasure and the feeling of the bar is very precise with a perfect handling.

Naish Fusion 4-Line Control System - 24m
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Ideal for a wide variety of freeride, freestyle and wave riding, the Fusion 4-Line Control System provides a function-rich design for an exciting, secure and seamless riding experience.

Ocean Rodeo Origin
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The Origin is an agile, practical twinny. Recognizing that many riders rack up a lot of kiteboarding hours in choppy water, we developed the Origin to track, grip, go easy on the knees, shoot upwind and load up for a big boost in real world conditions. 

Naish Pivot Complete
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Purchase your kite with a Naish Fusion Bar and save 10%

Kite Complete comes with a Fusion Control Bar 24m

The Pivot is ideal for a wide range of riders and styles. Its ability to turn on a tight axis without an aggressive pull makes this kite perfect for nailing jumps, charging the next big swell and everything in between. A huge confidence booster when learning new moves, the Pivots predictable power delivery, direct bar feel and intuitive steering puts riders in control at all times. The medium aspect ratio supports substantial low-end power and great upwind performance.

Nobile Flying Carpet
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Flying Carpet leads the way. Its the lightest board on the market in this size, which is achieved through the use of APS technology and an airlight core. Many-years of cooperation with kiteboarding schools and experienced instructors have resulted in an outline which allows the user to have great fun and ride comfortably on such big board. While others pack up and return home, you can still enjoy kitesurfing!

Mystic Impact Shield Jacket

Technical Features

  • This is not a life jacket
  • Oversized arm holes
  • Slim fit body
  • Impact mesh foam
  • Segmented mesh core
  • Strong YKK zipper
  • Panel for harness
List Price: $136.95
Nobile 2 HD
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The 2HD (Double Hydrodynamic ) is the fastest board in the collection. Its a freeride model designed for speed and hard edging on flat water, giving extremely fun riding. The 2HD ensures control, stability and good response thanks to the unique double profile bottom. The PreStress technology results in top-of-class carving abilities, a smooth ride and great upwind grip. The 2HD is all about speed but still perfect for big airs.

2012 Mystic Warrior III Harness
Only Large left in stock. NEW!
After the Warrior III's incredibly successful debut last year it's back and better than ever. It's been fine tuned with softer edges, lighter materials, covered side parts and the battle belt is the strongest yet, for maximum reliability and support in the most extreme conditions. Megaloops, powerful freestyle or pure freeriding, anything's possible with the Warrior III.

List Price: $261.95
Mystic Star Impact Vest

Technical Features

  • This is not a life jacket
  • Lightweight neoprene
  • Anatomical fit
  • Lightweight and water repellent
  • Segmented foam core
  • Oversized arm holes
  • Slim fit body
  • Non-slip panel for harness
List Price: $150.95
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