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Zero To Hero Kite Lesson Package

This course combines all of our lessons for a complete kiteboarding experience from start to finish!

This complete course includes the following:

  • ​1 Beginner Kiteboarding Lesson (3 hours at $80)
  • 3 Advanced Kiteboarding Lessons (9 hours at $90)
  • 3 hours of Advanced Kiteboarding Support (3 hours at $50)
  • After purchase, please select "Beginner Kiteboarding Lesson" on the Lessons page to book your first lesson.
  • Please call or email if you have any questions. 
The favourite bag of active surfers. You can carry it as a backpack or on your shoulder. It is perfect to find the ideal place for the next session when wandering along the beach. It holds the one of any type of NHP split-type board, two kites, bars, pump, wetsuit, as well as you favourite T-shirts or skirts. The modern design adds the universality it is often used when travelling, not only for kitesurfing.
Featuring below the bar swivel, above the bar trim and a low Y / front line re-ride set-up the Control Bar works perfectly with all generations of Ocean Rodeo kite and virtually all other brands kites. Additional features include: bar end line keepers, rear line length adjustments, optional suicide leash configuration, swiveling chicken finger and, short chicken loop length.
Are you going to travel with your board? Make sure you have got your gear protected. Perfect bag for taking one set of kiting gear. It features a tough exterior to take as much abuse as a baggage handler can throw at it. The longest board it will hold comfortably is a 146 cm x 45 cm.
Featuring above the bar trim and a mini-5th line leash attachment, the Above The Bar control bar gives riders seeking a simple to use above the bar trim adjustment system a great option to get on the water.
Stand Up Paddle Deposit
 Purchase your SUP deposit now to reserve your Stand Up Paddle Board.
Built to give riders the option of seat or waist harness configuration, the Session 2 has defined a whole new style of harness: the hybrid. Featuring a rugged build and incredible comfort along with innovative safety features the Session 2 is your perfect choice for a harness that will last years on the water and countless second sessions with your mates
Anatomical backplate - 3D-moulded foam interior and exterior - Soft neoprene edges - Double power leash rings - HP system included - Covered side parts - Multi hook | clickerbar 3.0 | low torque fixation - Spreaderbar protector - Battle belt waist closure - Knife included
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