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Endless Windz

Brevard County's Only Private Kiteboard Training Center!!

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We will match any competitors prices so give us a try*

Endless Windz Kiteboarding is a fully certified and insured school providing PASA/IKO instruction to Introductory and Intermediate Kiteboarders at our beautiful Private Location on the Indian River Lagoon. We are located in South Brevard County with 250 feet of direct river front property! No need to worry about other kiteboarders getting in your way during our lessons as we have control of the kite launch area. Check out our competitive prices below!




Endless Windz provides affordable lessons for all skill levels. We have a multitude of lesson options, so please feel free to contact us via email or phone if you have any questions. All lessons include use of everything you need for a complete lesson, no extra fees. Simply bring your smile and a towel!

Intro lesson

Intro Kiteboarding Lesson

  • $80 for a 1.5 hour introduction to kiteboarding!
    • Want to simply try it out? This 1.5 hour intro lesson will give you a taste of what kiteboarding has to offer.
    • Fly a trainer kite and learn kite flying basics.
    • Come out to see the operation and meet other kiteboarders and our full staff of certified instructors.
    • Call for more details.

Beginner lessons (recommended course)

Beginner Kiteboarding Lesson

  • $240 per session ($80 per hour with 3 hour minimum)
    • This is our "bread and butter" course that we recommend to all beginners
    • The course will cover all aspects of learning to kite from beginner to being on your own (details covered below).
    • Start the course with using a full size kite.
    • Student will be immersed into the water right away.
    • First lesson will usually involve "body dragging" and potential board introduction depending on how fast one learns. 
    • If you want the full experience of kiteboarding, this is the course for you!

Beginner group lessons (each additional trainee added to a beginner lesson is only $50 per hour)

Beginner Kiteboarding Lesson

  • 2 Students - $195 per person per session
  • 3 Students - $180 per person per session
    • Bring some friends along and get a great discount!
    • Each PASA/IKO instructor will work with up to 3 trainees at a time. 
    • The group lessons will cover the same items as the private lessons above.
    • Additional trainees will include additional discounts, please call for details.
    • Click on "book group lesson" above and select more than one 3 hour lesson for discount.

Advanced lessons with Jetski support

Advanced Kiteboarding Lesson with Jetski Support

  • $270 per session ($90 per hour with 3 hour minimum)
    • This is our "graduate" course. Once you are succesfully getting up on the board, we transition to jetski assist.
    • Instructor will follow trainee with jetski and provide assistance in proper board stance, carving up wind, etc.
    • Helmets with radio communication are used, so instructor can communicate with trainee from any distance.
Additional Advanced Support

Advanced Kiteboarding Support

  • $50 per hour
    • Still not 100% confident in your skills yet? We can have a certified instructor watch over you and provide jetski assistance if needed.
    • Takes the worry out of ending up downwind with no way to get back.
    • Support is designed for riders that are capable of being on their own already and need minimal assistance from instructor

Zero To Hero Kite Lesson Package (save over $200)

  • $999 per person
    • This course combines all lessons above for a complete experience.
    • This complete course includes the following:
      • 1 Beginner Kiteboarding Lesson (3 hours at $80)
      • 3 Advanced Kiteboarding Lessons (9 hours at $90)
      • 3 hours of Advanced Kiteboarding Support (3 hours at $50)
  • ​click on the following link to purchase: http://www.endlesswindz.com/proddetail.asp?prod=zero_to_hero

Kiteboard Gear Rental

Kiteboard Gear Rental

  • $200 per day
    • Rentals available to competent kiteboarders only and used at Endless Windz location.
    • Instructor check out required for gear rentals.
    • Other restrictions apply, please contact us for details.

*Lessons will normally not exceed 3 hours due to student fatigue and retention. Obviously each student can be affected differently, so the lesson could be extended additional hours at the Instructor and Students request. A typical experience would consist of individual 3 hour lessons on multiple days. See "lessons" below for additional details.



Check out our operation! https://www.facebook.com/endless.windz  

Endless Windz has tons of school gear for all shapes and size! Our school kites and boards are provided by Naish, Best, & Ocean Rodeo, and our Harnesses and safety gear are provided by Mystic. All gear is provided during our lessons, including wetsuits for those colder months. 

We have all the equipment to enhance your learning experience! Endless Windz is capable of providing instruction regardless of wind direction because of Indian River Lagoon "Spoil Island" access via our Proline Boat! We also have jetskis to follow students as they progress to extended downwinders.

After you complete any 3 hour course below, you will receive a $150 coupon good towards any initial purchase at Endless Windz or a $300 coupon towards any Kiteboarder Startup Package! (minimum purchase amounts required, call for details)

Providing Gear After Your Lesson

At Endless Windz Kiteboarding, you can count on our instructors to help you select the perfect kiteboarding gear. After all, our specialty is getting you into the sport. We will help you select kiteboarding gear that not only works for your body, but also your budget. The sport has come a long way and there are many product options available on the market that can fit your style without necessarily emptying your pocket.


We will help you along your journey to learning the exhilarating sport of Kiteboarding. We know the importance of safety and understand that physical activities can make a big difference in your overall health, fitness and well being. Our ultimate goal, always, is to ensure safety and to help you understand the sport of Kiteboarding by passing along knowledge, positive energy and the type of motivation you need to have an exceptional experience. Our PASA certified instructors possess the foundation of skills necessary to teach safe and effective kiteboarding classes regardless of what level you are at. Lessons could be customized according to wind conditions, learning styles, but generally, the introductory lessons are as follows: 

General Day 1 Lesson

We will initially start off by establishing goals for the course and gauge expectations. We will highlight Safety, Risk Assessment and Wind Awarness by discussing Wind Speed, Wind Direction and Wind Quality. We will also discuss the Kite Safety Zone and learn the Anatomy of the Wind Window.

Next, the student will be put in a school provided harness and work on Kite Steering and Control, Safety Systems, Sheeting, Switching Control Bar, and Posture. This will be all done initially without the kite attached.

The final section of the day will be actual application of what we have learned. We will show how to set up the kite, launch the kite, depower, safety systems, kite control, body surfing with/without board and finally a self exit/rescue.

General Day 2 Lesson

The focus on this lesson will be to combine everything learned so far and start riding on the board. We will start Day 2 off by discussing Power Strokes for Water Starts and direction of board travel.

Next, the student will be put in a school provided harness and work on Body Position, the "Bobber" exercise, and how to put on the board.

The final section of the day will be actual application of what we have learned. We will work on the"Bobber" exercise with/without board,  water starts, controlling speed, and finally how to pack up the Kite.  

Cancelation Policy  

A one hour deposit is required for all lessons. Deposits are fully refundable with a 72 hour advance notice. In weather cases (lack of winds) deposits are fully refundable. By making a deposit you guarantee a date and time for your lesson. If wind does not cooperate during your time slot then Endless Windz will try to make every accomodation to rebook a different time slot. A customer may run into the issue of not having winds and then running into a day that is fully booked with students. If the student has a limited window to complete the lesson, and we can not accomodate the student, then the one hour deposit is fully refundable.

*Will match any competitors prices for equivalent lesson up to 3 hours. Must be a regularly priced lesson at a certified school (no groupon or coupons accepted from competitor)

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